Access to IPOs

Access to IPOs

As a Sequoia Asset Management client you can gain access to the latest Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). If you are a wholesale or sophisticated investor, you can also access placement issues not available to the general retail public. If you think you might fall into this category, please contact us.

This page is updated as new opportunities arise.

Current Opportunities

PM Capital offers new revolutionary LIC (ASX:P25PA)

PM Capital Portfolio Manager, John Whelan talks about PM Capital GO 2025 and its new Portfolio Tracking Exchangeable Redeemable Securities or PTrackERS (ASX:P25PA) securities. Using the same global equities investment strategy as its Global Opportunities Fund (ASX:PGF), GO 2025 will have the added benefit of allowing investors to redeem at net tangible asset value (NTA) in the future, even if it’s trading at a discount.