Investment Strategies

Sequoia Investment Strategies

Our flagship direct share investment offerings are the AIM Gateway Fund, the Sequoia Concentrated Yield Strategy and the Sequoia Centreboard Strategy.

AIM Gateway Fund

The AIM Gateway Fund is an Australian unit trust and registered managed investment scheme providing investors (including Retail Clients) with exposure to the AIM Global High Conviction Fund (the “AIM Fund”). The AIM Fund is a wholesale unit trust, managed by Charlie Aitken.

Who is Charlie Aitken

Charlie Aitken is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of the AIM Fund.

Charlie has more than 22 years of equity and futures market experience. He is the author of the “Ringing the Bell” newsletter and previously the “Under the Southern Cross” newsletter. He is an expert contributor to the Switzer Super Report and, previously, Alan Kohler’s Eureka Report. He appears frequently on Australian and global financial media as an expert on Australian equities and global macroeconomic strategy.

Charlie’s career experience includes being a Director and Head of Sydney Sales Trading for Citigroup, Executive Director and Partner of Southern Cross Equities and Executive Director and Board Member of the ASX listed Bell Financial Group.

He is best known for his high conviction, top down and bottom up investment ideas formulated from consistently meeting with listed and unlisted companies, policymakers and regulators.

AIM is the acronym for “Aitken Investment Management”.

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Sequoia Concentrated Yield Strategy

Australian investors are often attracted to the dividends from high yielding companies as the compounding effects of reinvested dividend income plus capital growth potential can lead to outstanding results in the mid to long term. However, there a number of potential pitfalls to ‘chasing yield’ that many investors may not be aware of. These are known as “Dividend Traps”.

The Sequoia Concentrated Yield Strategy The Strategy is specifically formulated with the aim of avoiding Dividend Traps whilst targeting tax effective returns from a concentrated portfolio of companies with above average sustainable dividend yields, manageable debt levels and earnings growth potential. The Strategy seeks companies paying dividends that attach higher than normal levels of franking credits. Franking credits are particularly beneficial to investment vehicles with low tax rates, such as SMSFs.

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Sequoia Centreboard Strategy (SCS)

Sequoia Centreboard Strategy (SCS) is specifically tailored to investors who desire high growth potential from their investments while minimising risk. High growth potential is achieved by investing in a focused portfolio of Direct Australian Shares. Sequoia’s PPS service is also designed for investors who have worked hard to accumulate their wealth and therefore also desire low risk. Through the purchase of insurance (Put Option) the risk of adopting such a concentrated investment is significantly reduced.

When combining your Sequoia Asset Management PPS with a margin loan, you have the potential to obtain high levels of gearing. By adding borrowed funds to your own, you may find it possible to reach your investment objectives faster or achieve higher goals than you could otherwise aspire to – the more money working for you, the greater the potential return. Please click here for Centreboard Strategy