Launch Series 56

Berkshire Hathaway Inc – Class B Shares

Launch Series 56 provides Investors with exposure to Berkshire Hathaway Inc – Class B Shares.

Key Features:
  • Two potential Performance Coupons of up to 10.8% each, at the end of Year 1 & Year 2, plus the potential for an uncapped Final Coupon at Maturity, subject to averaging and changes in the AUD/USD exchange rate
  • 100% Limited Recourse loan with interest rates of 5.95% p.a.
  • Risk management fee of 0.7% p.a.
  • 2.2% application fee
  • Receive $100,000 exposure for a total outlay of $22,150
  • A variable participation rate mechanism designed to manage market risk associated with the performance of the Reference Asset – refer to the Termsheet PDS for more information
  • Averaging
  • No margin calls
  • SMSF’s are eligible
Offer Close Date: Friday, 22 May 2020

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