Property in SMSF

Did you know you can borrow to buy property with your super?

Australian investors have long had a love affair with property investment but did you know you can invest in property using your superannuation. Through a Self-Managed Super Fund you can use your superannuation to invest in commercial or residential property and borrow to do so. Sequoia has created an educational e-book on property in super so you can become an expert on the topic before deciding if an SMSF is right for you.

Download the left eBook. You will discover:

  1. How to know if an SMSF is right for you
  2. What is required of SMSF trustees (critical information for anyone involved with an SMSF)
  3. Structures required to buy property using an SMSF
  4. How to buy Rural Property in your SMSF
  5. How to do property development in your SMSF
  6. 10 Common mistakes made by SMSFs when buying property
  7. How to pay ZERO capital gains and income tax on your SMSF investment property

Sequoia Asset Management specialises in providing advice to self-directed investors looking to take control of their superannuation. Speak to an adviser about establishing an SMSF with Sequoia today.