The AIM Fund uses a medium-term “top down meets bottom up” strategy. The AIM Investment Manager will identify “top-down” global macroeconomic structural growth themes and will then select, “bottom-up”, the best equities or instrument globally for access to those themes. This may involve Long or Short positions.

The AIM Fund will also allocate capital for short-term opportunistic trading of liquidity events or equity capital markets transactions (including initial public offerings, secondary raisings and block trades).

The AIM Investment Manager will employ stop-loss parameters that are intended to limit the capital drawdown of any losing investment or trading ideas. The AIM Investment Manager will also implement trading strategies aimed at minimising capital losses including moving fully into cash or utilising derivative protection. The AIM Investment Manager intends to “let winners run” and cut losing ideas quickly.

The AIM Investment Manager will target a maximum exposure to any single investment at 15% of the Net Asset Value of the AIM Fund, as at the time of investment.