The AIM Investment Manager employs a high-conviction thematic long-short strategy, investing primarily in global listed equities, as well as selected commodities, currencies and derivatives. The AIM Investment Manager may also choose to move the AIM Fund’s assets entirely to cash during times of extreme uncertainty. The AIM Fund’s investment philosophy is focused on identifying key macroeconomic thematics, finding undervalued securities exposed to such thematics and looking for asymmetric return profiles.

The AIM Fund is a high conviction fund, which means the AIM Investment Manager will make concentrated risk-adjusted investments in its strongest ideas.

The AIM Investment Manager is not constrained to invest in accordance with any benchmark or other index. This flexibility allows the AIM Investment Manager to take advantage of a wide variety of market opportunities. The AIM Investment Manager has the ability to invest in companies across a wide range of market sectors and industries located internationally (including emerging markets). In addition, it has the flexibility of using a variety of listed financial instruments such as equities, commodities and derivatives (including Options), to invest in both Long and Short Positions. Labour standards, environmental, ethical and social considerations are not taken in account in the selection, retention or realisation of investments in the Gateway Fund.