Commodities Series 18

Sequoia Commodities Series 18 tracks the performance of the BNP Paribas Strategy C52 10% Index (“Index”).  The objective of this Index is to provide a long only, diversified exposure to the commodity asset class, excluding Agriculture and Livestock, with a targeted volatility of 10%.


The Index provides diversification across 3 commodity sectors and Natural Gas;

  1. Industrial Metals Sector;
  2. Precious Metals Sector;
  3. Energy Sector; and
  4. Natural Gas,

Including exposure across 12 individual commodities and cash

1. Copper;
2. Zinc;
3. Aluminium;
4. Nickel;
5. Lead;
6. Gold;
7. Silver;

8. WTI Crude Oil;
9. Brent Crude Oil;
10. Gasoline;
11. Low Sulphur Gas Oil;
12. ULS Diesel;
13. Natural Gas; and
14. Cash.

A Summary of the key features:


More information on Commodities Series 18 can be obtained by downloading the PDS.

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