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Investment Strategies

Access a range of unique investment strategies.

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Manage Your Cash

SMM easily moves funds between financial institutions via a central cash management account in your name.

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If something was to happen to you would you and your family be able to meet your debt repayments?

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Accessto IPOs

Get fast access to the latest IPOs and placements.

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Some of the latest Sequoia Asset Management products...

Cash solutions

Sequoia Money Market (SMM)
is an innovative, fully transactional,
cash deposit platform. Only one application form is required to access more than 20 banks, building societies and credit unions


The Mini SMSF is a streamlined SMSF
administration service
designed for Trustees
with smaller superannuation
balances and simple investments.

Classic SMSF

A Classic SMSF includes complete online access to your portfolio, all accounting and other SMSF Compliance Requirements. You can trade shares, options, warrants, invest in direct property, managed funds, and cash with your classic SMSF.

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