Commodities Series 9 - Agricultural Commodities

Sequoia Commodities Series 9 provides diversified exposure to a basket of agricultural commodities including corn, wheat, soybean, sugar, coffee, cotton and cocoa. The S&P GSCI Agriculture ER Index is designed as a benchmark for investment in the agriculture commodity markets and as a measure of agriculture commodity market performance over time. It is also designed as a tradable index that is readily accessible to market participants. In order to accomplish these objectives, the S&P GSCI Agriculture ER Index is calculated primarily on a world production weighted basis and comprises the principal physical commodities that are the subject of active, liquid futures markets in the agriculture industry as outlined below.

The Index is diversified across eight individual commodities futures contracts. The individual underlying commodity allocation of the Index as at 18 May 2022 was;
(1) Corn (30.71%)
(2) Soybean (18.57%)
(3) Wheat (21.80%)
(4) KCBT Wheat (9.54%)
(5) Sugar (7.04%)
(6) Cotton (7.13%)
(7) Coffee (4.09%)
(8) Cocoa (1.13%)

Please refer to Section 9 of the PDS for an outline of the key risks

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