Income Enhancer – Big Global Brands

The Sequoia Income Enhancer – Series 5 Units (“Income Enhancer 5” or “Units”) is a Series of Units which offer investors the potential to receive fixed income returns, linked to a basket of global shares (“Reference Basket”).

The Reference Basket is comprised of a notional basket of one share (each a “Component Share”) in each of the following companies:

    • Nike Inc.
    • Lululemon Athletica Inc.
    • LVMH Moett Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE;
    • Alphabet Inc.
    • Apple Inc.
    • Walt Disney Co

Income Enhancer 5 may appeal to investors who:

      • want an investment with Fixed Coupons of 2.5% payable at the end of each quarter (10% p.a. not compounded). The Fixed Coupons are payable every quarter up until the earlier of the Maturity Date or the first Auto Call Date on which ALL the Component Shares are above their respective Auto Call Levels (“Auto Call Event”);
      • have a view that the price of none of the Component Shares will fall by 35% or more relative to the Starting Price by the Maturity Date. If the Closing Price of any of the Component Shares is 35% or more below the Starting Price at the Maturity Date, then a Kick-In Event will occur. Please refer to Section 1 “Term Sheet” below for a description of the effect of a Kick-In Event;
      • are comfortable with the risk that they will have exposure to the Lowest Performing Component Share at Maturity if a Kick-In Event occurs at Maturity. In this case the Final Value of the Units will reflect the performance of the Lowest Performing Component Share; and are comfortable with the investment maturing early on the first Auto Call Date on which ALL the Component Shares are above their respective Auto Call Levels (in this case the Investor will be paid the Issue Price in addition to the Fixed Coupon);

For Series 5, the Auto Call Level is 100% of the respective Starting Price of each of the Component Shares comprising the Reference Basket at the end of Quarters 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. There is no potential for any Auto Call Event at Maturity. Please refer to the table below.

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