Launch Series 62

ASX 200 - Offering Leveraged Upside & Enhance Breakeven Feature

A summary of the key features are as follows:

Reference Asset/Index – S&P/ASX200 Index as at date of PDS

Top 10 Constituents By Index Weight

*Based on GICS® sectors

Cashflow Examples as follows:

1 The Zero-Break Even feature applies under Scenario 2
2 The Performance Cap of 35% applies under Scenario 4
3 This is calculated as the Net Profit/Total Investment Cost
4 This is the maximum Net Investment Return available under Sequoia Launch Series 62

Before investing, please read the key risks outlined below:

Key Risks include:

      • Your return (including any Performance Coupon) is affected by the performance of the Index. There is no guarantee that the Index will perform well.
      • There will be no Performance Coupon payable if the performance of the Index is negative at Maturity and Investors will suffer a 100% loss;
      • There is no guarantee that the Units will generate returns in excess of the Prepaid Interest and Fees, during the Investment Term. Additionally, in the event of an Investor requested Issuer Buy-Back or Early Maturity Event, you will not receive a refund of your Prepaid Interest or Fees.
      • Gains (and losses) may be magnified by the use of a 100% Loan. However, note that the Loan is a limited recourse Loan, so you can never lose more than your Prepaid Interest Amount and Fees paid at Commencement.
      • Investors are subject to counterparty credit risk with respect to the Issuer and the Hedge Counterparty; and
    • The Units may mature early following an Early Maturity Event, including an Adjustment Event, Market Disruption Event or if the Issuer accepts your request for an Issuer Buy-Back.

Please refer to Section 2 “Risks” of the Master PDS for more information.

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