Sequoia Alpha Series 3

Alpha Series 3 provides leveraged exposure to any positive performance of the Solactive Alpha Mutual Fund VT Index over a period of 2 years via a limited recourse loan for a total investment cost of 6.95%. The Solactive Alpha Mutual Fund VT Index is comprised of four underlying funds, each giving exposure to an alternative source of return, with a historically low correlation to the S&P500. The investment is designed to pay uncapped performance coupons every 6 months over a 2 year investment term.

The key features of the Index include:

  • Alternative source of return: The Index captures the investment return of 4 alternative underlying funds which are managed by experienced global fund managers;
  • Diversified mix of investment style: The underlying funds include a diversified range of different investment styles – see below table;
  • Long/Short: Each of the underlying funds have the flexibility to take either long and short positions within their respective portfolios. As such, they have the ability to generate positive returns irrespective of the direction of the relevant underling market;
  • Low Correlation to Global Equities: At the time of the Index being launched in February 2024 it has historically exhibited a low correlation of approximately 0% to the S&P500; and
  • Pricing efficiency: The index has been designed to allow efficient pricing of structured products such as Sequoia Alpha Series 3.

A Summary of the key features:


More information on Sequoia Alpha Series 3 can be obtained by downloading the PDS.

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